Fox News and McDonald's are both magnets for controversy. Both of them have featured prominently in several documentaries, and they both get blood boiling across the country. So put them together, and you're bound to incite arguments.

Proof of that hypothesis came this weekend when self-proclaimed liberal Craig Lechner took his kids to a McDonald's outpost in his home town of Fair Lawn, in northern New Jersey. Fair Lawn-Saddle Brook Patch reports that, after ordering his food, Lechner discovered Fox News was playing on the TV inside the restaurant. Lechner, remembering that the channel had recently showcased a violent suicide, and not wanting to expose his young children to violence, asked the owner of the McDonald's, Sebastian Lentini, to change the channel.

But Lentini refused. He said he was enjoying watching Fox News. So Lechner got angry. He started video-taping his interaction with Lentini. In the resulting video, Lechner again asks Lentini to turn off the TV, noting that the program was discussing war. Then, when Lentini refuses yet again, Lechner says, "I can't wait to put this on The Huffington Post!"

Well, Craig, we're about to make your day. Here is your video of the interaction, embedded on The Huffington Post:

Apparently Lechner complained about the interaction up the chain of command at McDonald's, and was told that TV programming is up to the prerogative of individual franchise owners. They're allowed to play whatever they want -- including (theoretically) pornography!

Still, for the sake of law and order, let's hope the "M Channel" comes to Bergen County soon.

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