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Noam Scheiber Reviews Bob Woodward's 'The Price Of Politics'

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US journalist Bob Woodward takes part in the TV show 'Le Grand Journal' on Canal+ channel, on April 7, 2011 in Paris. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images) | Getty File

THE MOST VIVID scene in Bob Woodward’s new book has almost nothing to do with his central narrative, but reveals a lot about the narrator. The scene takes place in February of 2009, as Congress is laboring to ward off an economic collapse. Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic speaker, is hunkered down in her office with Harry Reid, her Senate counterpart, to negotiate a stimulus bill that can pass both chambers. This is no easy task. The bill must be modest enough to survive a Republican filibuster, but ambitious enough to satisfy Pelosi’s liberal caucus. But, then, these are veteran legislators—born deal-makers at that. They get to work with all the seriousness you’d expect.

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