Perhaps following in her pal Karlie Kloss' footsteps, Jourdan Dunn is getting into the cooking game. The British model is launching a cooking show on Jay-Z's Life+Times YouTube channel, which got a relaunch this past weekend.

The show will be adorably titled "Well Dunn With Jourdan Dunn" and will feature Dunn whipping up... well, we're not sure. We're picturing a roast chicken à la Gwyneth Paltrow on GOOP, burgers à la Lara Stone and gluten-free baked goods à la Karlie Kloss. There may also be boiled eggs involved, as Dunn tweeted on Saturday, "I just made the perfect boiled egg! #ProudMoment."

Which is all well and good, but to be honest we had no idea Jourdan was a chef. If we had our way, model Robyn Lawley would be the next model to get a culinary TV segment -- her gorgeous food blog, Robyn Lawley Eats, is one of our favorites. (Spoiler alert: it includes carbs.)

We're not sure when to expect "Well Dunn With Jourdan Dunn," but you can check out Jay-Z's YouTube channel (an extension of his cool Life+Times website) here.

Hear from more models who love food!

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  • Padma Lakshmi

    "The best thing you can do for someone is make them a beautiful plate of food. How else can you invade someone's body without actually touching them?" (<a href=""><em>Esquire</em></a>)

  • Twiggy

    "In the sixties, car stickers said: 'Forget Oxfam. Feed Twiggy.' But the irony is that I’ve always loved my food – even including wicked things such as sticky toffee pudding and buns. I do my own food shopping – I never let anyone else do it. I always buy organic and try to buy locally and in season. We have a house in Suffolk and I love shopping for food at the markets there." (<a href=""><em>Delicious Magazine)</em></a>

  • Chrissy Teigen

    Teigen, <a href="">who has an awesome food-centric blog</a>, once said, "I’m so blessed to have the lifestyle where I get to travel so much, but it’s SO nice to be at home where I’m comfortable in my own kitchen. Whereas my days revolve around being insecure or being mad about something, or sad about something, when I get to actually cook everything goes out the window. It’s like therapy. I’m sure the 10 glasses of wine help too!" (<a href=""><em>Beauty and the Feast</em></a>)

  • Kate Moss

    Word is that Kate is writing her own Kosher cookbook. "Kate recently cooked Jamie a Jewish meal following kosher techniques from Stasha. It's all she's been talking about," says a source. (<a href=""><em>Hollywood Rag</em></a>)

  • Carol Alt

    "What I’ve tried to do it make raw accessible to more people...People were asking me, 'How do you stay looking so good? How do you stay so thin? How do you do this, how do you do that?' Airline attendants, especially, were coming up to me on airplanes and saying to me, 'With all the travel you do, and we do the same, we’re so tired, we feel so bad. Every time we see you you’re smiling. How do you do it?' And I say, 'I have to tell you, it’s the raw food.'” (<a href=""><em>Dawn of a New Day</em></a>)

  • Shalom Harlow

    "I was too thin. I was working all the time, not eating at home. Spaghetti bolognese on planes. Ugh. Now most of my meals I cook for myself with organic ingredients." (<em>Vogue</em>)

  • Heidi Klum

    In an interview she said that she maintained her own garden at her old home with lettuce, squash, beans, potatoes, and herbs. She says "it was nice for the kids to see that they could actually grow and eat their own things. (<a href=""><em>Good Housekeeping</em></a>)

  • Robyn Lawley

    Our favorite plus-size model (and Aussie) Robyn Lawley, who has a gorgeous food blog called <a href="">Robyn Lawley Eats</a>, once said, "I think [cooking] is the best pleasure in life. I wanted to be a chef my whole life so I am very Nigella Lawson in the kitchen and I will always refuse to give up that beautiful passion just so I can look like a stick insect and fit the mould." (<a href=""><em>Pony Ryder</em></a>)

  • Jourdann Dunn

    Dunn will show off her cooking skills as part of Jay-Z's YouTube channel which will be relaunched this Saturday, according to CNN. In preparation she's been testing out some recipes. Dunn tweeted on Saturday, "I just made the perfect boiled egg! #ProudMoment."

  • Sessilee Lopez

    "I started my <a href="">blog</a> because I have so many friends who always ask me recipes or my opinion on which restaurant to go to. So I guess i did it for them. I've always heard growing up that "good food is one of the greatest luxuries in life" and it’s very true. I love being a foodie because I get to truly appreciate the hard work and passion that people put into a dish. And I love to be able to give my friends a real meal.” (<a href=""><em>Vogue</em></a>)

  • Elle Macpherson, Naomi Campell, & Claudia Schiffer

    On the opening of their "Fashion Cafe" in 1995 Claudia Schiffer said: "I love chocolate. We love so many different things...We have french fries, hamburgers on the menu." (<em>Bangor Daily News</em>)

  • Lara Stone

    "I'd like to have my own burger place, I'm going to call it Lara's Baps and Buns. There's not a proper good caff here. I want a proper good chips place. They're all too fancy. [My life] is quite fancy, but I still like chips. That's the plan." (<a href=""><em>Telegraph</em></a>)

  • Karlie Kloss

    Besides <a href="">making her own cookies</a>, Karlie says she always likes to have food on hand: "Spearmint gum, dark chocolate, and some kind of delicious snack (you can always count on me to have something to eat in my purse, especially backstage—I generally have just about everything except the kitchen sink hidden in my bag)." (<a href=""><em>Vogue</em></a>)

  • Sophie Dahl

    Sophie is the author of the successful cookbook, Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights and host of the TV cooking series The Delicious Miss Dahl. The granddaughter of children's book author Roald Dahl, she began her career in the spotlight as a high-fashion model and starred in <a href="">one of the most banned fashion ads of all time</a>.

  • Kristy Hume

    " [In five years] I’d like to be living in the country, growing my own food and living as self-sufficiently as possible." (<a href=""><em>Red online</em></a>)

  • Cara Delevingne

    Cara <a href="">told Beauty High</a> that in preparation for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, "I had McDonald’s for lunch yesterday and pizza for dinner. I need to eat a lot otherwise I feel faint. I get in the worst moods if I don’t eat. This morning … I was like, I’m going to be a f*** bitch if I don’t eat."

  • Lorraine Pascale

    Scouted at 16, Lorraine strutted for big design houses such as Chanel and Versace before finding her passion in baking. Her cookbooks include: <em>Lorraine Pascale's Fast</em>, <em>Fresh and Easy Food</em>, <em>Baking Made Easy</em>, and <em>Home Cooking</em>.

  • Cesar Casier

    Male model Cesar Casier of Belgium is also super passionate about cooking, so much so that he enlisted the help of model pals Karlie Kloss, Milla Jovovich and more to <a href="">launch a cookbook called "Model Kitchen."</a>

  • Elettra Wiedemann

    Elettra Wiedemann, daughter of Isabella Rossellini and former model Jonathan Wiedemann, is a Lancome face <em>and</em> the founder of <a href="">Goodness</a>, a pop-up restuarant serving, healthy locally-sourced food across the street from the tents at New York Fashion Week.

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