Let's hope this doesn't catch on.

As the above video's description explains, reverse high heels are an effort to "explore what lies beyond perfection."

To that end, we see a lady walking around in reverse high heels, seemingly doing her best to keep from grimacing.

Though the description asserts that these heels challenge beauty ideals by "...inflicting an unexpected new beauty standard," Buzzfeed insists that "all it looks like they're inflicting is pain on that poor model."

Fashionably Geek reports the shoes are the work of artist Leanie van der Vyver and shoemaker René van den Berg.

"Okay, clearly I am not artsy enough to get these shoes because they don’t look like anything other than a new and awkward from of torture," writes Fashionably Geek's Nicole Wakelin.

What do you make of these artsy kicks?

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