10/10/2012 03:55 pm ET

Tan Mom Proud To Be Halloween Costume

Not many famous folks would say they were proud to be a favorite Halloween costume, but then again most celebrities are not like New Jersey’s Patricia Krentcil, better known as “Tan Mom.”

“I’m one of this year's most popular Halloween costumes,” Krentcil told me backstage at CBS morning show "The Couch." “I can’t understand why anyone is interested in me, but what do I care? If they want to dress up as me they can. I’m flattered.”

Krentcil found herself in the middle of a media firestorm early this year after she pleaded not guilty to child endangerment. But it was the way she looked that caught everyone’s attention, more than the accusations about what she might have done with her daughter.

“Everything in life happens for a reason,” says Krentcil. “It was been a nightmare of nonsense. People need to get over it. In the end it turned out to be something good. I like to have fun. Life is too short, but I’m not 24-years-old anymore, so I need to start taking care of myself. If people want to dress up as me, let them do it. What do I care?”

At the moment, Krentcil says she has no idea whom she will dress up as for Halloween, but guarantees it won't be anyone from the "Twilight" franchise. “They are too pale,” she says. “They hurt my eyes.”


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