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Elizabeth Warren Pulling Ahead In Massachusetts Senate Polls

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Elizabeth Warren is pulling ahead of Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.), according to two polls released Thursday.

Warren leads Brown, 50 percent to 44 percent, in a survey released by the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, the widest margin they've found between the two candidates in the tough Massachusetts contest.

Warren, who debated Brown Wednesday, in Springfield, has tried to tie him more closely to the Republican party, a charge that may be working. Brown's net approval dropped 14 points from a poll taken in September by PPP, and voters this month were nearly equally likely to say Brown was a partisan voice as an independent one.

A poll from Rasmussen also found Warren edging Brown, 49 percent to 47 percent, among likely voters, although Brown continued to win independents by a 30 point margin. The two had been dead even in a September poll.

The new PPP poll surveyed 1,051 likely voters in the state between Oct. 1 and Oct. 11, with a 3 percent margin of error. The Rasmussen poll surveyed 500 likely voters on Oct. 10, with a 4.5 percent margin of error. Both were conducted using automated phone calls.

Five of the six Massachusetts Senate polls conducted this month showed Warren leading. HuffPost Pollster's model, which combines all publicly available polling, shows her support trending slightly upward after months of deadlock, although the race remains close.

Warren's uptick comes even as President Obama's numbers declined both nationally and in the Bay State, suggesting the movement isn't part of the down-ballot bump some Democrats saw after the Democratic National Convention. The PPP poll showed Obama leading Mitt Romney in Massachusetts by 14 points, a substantial margin, but the slimmest lead they've recorded for him in the state.

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