Vice Presidential Debate Reactions 2012: Women Sound Off On Twitter

10/11/2012 11:18 pm ET | Updated Oct 12, 2012
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After last week's presidential debate failed to even mention the word "women," the pressure was on Paul Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden to discuss issues that especially impact female voters.

Obama's silence on women's health and reproductive rights in the first debate on October 3rd made unmarried women -- an important demographic within the president's voter base -- particularly frustrated. Salon's Joan Walsh argued that Biden would be in an particularly good position to have the opposite effect. She wrote:

Unlike Ann Romney, Biden doesn’t need to say, “I love you, women!” His biker-chick magnetism aside, the V.P. has a strong record on women’s issues of his own, going back to his authoring the original Violence Against Women Act, which House Republicans, including Ryan, voted down this year.

And though Ryan may be less popular with women overall, he had an exciting start to his day when photos of him posing for a TIME photoshoot went viral. He's not pro-choice, but he sure is buff.

Tonight, moderated by Martha Raddatz, the vice presidential hopefuls discussed both domestic and foreign policy issues. Ryan and Biden touched on some key issues including terrorism, Iran's nuclear capabilities, unemployment, social security, taxes and abortion. Biden laughed, Ryan wore a sweet red and blue tie, Martha Raddatz gained a Twitter fan club and women had a whole lot to say about everything that occurred.

We've rounded up the best reactions from women around the country.

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Vice Presidential Debate 2012 Reactions From Women