Paul Ryan is in favor of major cuts to federal spending, but his cousin's construction company has pulled in big bucks from government funded projects.

Ryan Inc. Central, a construction company owned by Ryan's cousin where he also used to work, may get hurt by the vice presidential candidate's plan to slash government spending should Romney win the election come November, Bloomberg reports.

While Paul Ryan's cousin Adam says that most of his company's business comes from private clients, the company has won several government-funded projects over the years. Most recently, Ryan Inc. Central was awarded a $4.9 million Illinois highway interchange project partially funded by the federal government. Likewise, the firm built Andrews Air Force Bases’ third golf course back in 1995, a project that constituted 24 transactions with the government, according to Bloomberg.

Meanwhile, Congressman Ryan has been outspoken about his plan to drastically cut government spending. Known as a deficit hawk on Capitol Hill, Ryan has even been at odds with his own running mate over defense spending cuts, a measure Mitt Romney has said he doesn’t support.

Evidence of Ryan's frugal approach to spending was also seen Thursday night during the Vice Presidential debate.

"We can't keep spending and borrowing like this," Ryan said regarding the possibility of debt crisis due to too much government spending. "We can't just keep spending money we don't have."

Indeed, Paul Ryan’s budget plan, "The Path To Prosperity," also calls for big cuts to education, heath care and transportation spending, the last of which will have at least some effect on his cousin’s business. Of course, when his own Wisconsin district was in need of stimulus funding, he had no problem reaching out for help, as noted by Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday.

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