We knew it was coming and it's finally here.

Rihanna spilled the beans last month, photographer Annie Leibovitz cosigned and now we've got visual confirmation of RiRi's second American Vogue cover.

The 24-year-old superstar Instagramed a photo of the November 2012 issue on Saturday and writing:

While the "Diamonds" singer served a Little Mermaid 2.0 look in a shimmering curve-hugging gown and siren red hair for her first Vogue cover in April 2011--this time around she was shot rocking her cute new pixie hair cut and a strapless red frock while kneeling in a wheat field. It's definitely not the most glamorous image we've seen from RiRi or Vogue, for that matter, but leave it to one of the sexiest women alive to make a little dress on the prairie look naughty.

The issue drop is perfectly timed with the star's alleged reconciliation with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and the release of her new album "Unapologetic" on November 19.

Rihanna has already made the short list of black women who have covered Vogue and now she's amongst an even smaller list of those who have been bestowed with the honor more than once. Not even Beyonce can boast that!

Check out Rhianna's new cover and a look at all the Vogue issues with black cover girls in the slideshow below.

rihanna vogue

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  • Beverly Johnson, August 1974

  • Beverly Johnson, August 1975

  • Peggy Dillard, August 1977

  • Peggy Dillard, January 1978

  • Shelia Johnson, March 1980

  • Beverly Johnson, January 1981

  • Shari Belafonte Harper, February 1984

  • Shari Belafonte Harper, December 1982

  • Shari Belafonte Harper, January 1985

  • Shari Belafonte Harper, May 1985

  • Shari Belafonte Harper, June 1986

  • Louise Vyent, February 1987

  • Kara Young, April 1988

  • Karen Alexander, January 1989

  • Naomi Campbell, September 1989

  • Kara Young, October 1989

  • Naomi Campbell, June 1993

  • Karia Kabukuru, July 1997

  • Oprah Winfrey, October 1998

  • Halle Berry, December 2002

  • Liya Kebede, May 2005

  • Jennifer Hudson, March 2007

  • Lebron James, April 2008

  • Michelle Obama, March 2009

  • Beyonce Knowles, April 2009

  • Halle Berry, September 2010

  • Rihanna, April 2011

  • Rihanna, November 2012

  • Beyonce, March 2013

  • Michelle Obama, April 2013