We've already shown you how truly disturbing some adult costumes can be, but be prepared to have your mind blown even further with these ridiculously inappropriate Halloween costumes for kids.

When young ones dress up for Halloween (or rather, when their parents dress them) there have been some pretty questionable costume choices made over the years. From outrageous commercial costumes for sale like "Harem Girl" and "Baby Pimp," homemade costumes like "Baby Hannibal Lector" and "Baby Lil' Wayne" have us scratching our heads even more (OK though, that lil' Lil' Wayne is actually pretty adorable).

Check out 25 of the most inappropriate Halloween costumes for kids below!

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  • Homeless Baby

    Cute shopping cart, but really?

  • Kid Lil'Wayne

    Although "Tha Carter III" has a baby on it, it is definitely not a children's album. We have to admit, though: he pretty much nailed it.

  • Baby Pimp

    If you're using Google to search for the perfect "baby pimp" costume, you might want to brace yourself.

  • Bethany Hamilton And Shark

    Teaching your kids to make fun of a girl who had their arm bitten off is probably a bad idea.

  • Stripper Baby

    Now that's just uncalled for.

  • Baby Hitler

    Somehow the sippy cup makes it that much more disturbing.

  • Baby Alien

    The baby's face says it all.

  • Hannibal Lecter

    How could he possibly be in on the joke?

  • Kid Toilet

    Perfect for the child whose parents have never heard the word "bullying."

  • Major Flirt

    As if to say: girls, you can get into the army, but your duties are going to be a little different.

  • Road Kill

    What better way to teach a child about death?

  • Baby Mr. T

    So many things wrong with this costume.

  • "Jersey Shore" Kids

    Probably the most inappropriate costume on this list.

  • Parasitic Twin Costume

    Explaining this one to your kid could be tricky.

  • Kid Condom Costume

    Wow. Just wow.

  • Kid Cigarettes

    Show your child you love them just as much as your addictions.

  • Baby "Elephant"

    What was the designer going for with this trunk?

  • Harem Girl

    Dream big, kids.

  • Kid Gangster

    His parents are really into "Boardwalk Empire."

  • Sexy Kitty

    Seriously? This is the one age where dressing as a kitten can be super cute and appropriate. Why do we have to ruin that?

  • Baby Woopie Cushion

    Just a reminder that you should never, ever sit on a baby.

  • "Sexy" Mermaid

    And we thought Ariel was scantily clad.

  • Hooters Baby


  • Stomach-Popping Baby

    "Junior" gone horribly wrong?

  • Robert E. Lee Kid

    We'll just leave this one right here.

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