10/16/2012 01:16 pm ET

Dakota Fanning Brunette: Actress Dyes Her Trademark Blond Hair (PHOTOS)

Looks like Dakota Fanning was getting tired of her golden blond hair.

The 18-year-old actress debuted new darker locks this weekend, posting a photo on Instagram, writing, "Well look who turned into a brunette!"

Fanning has sported her blond hair for most of her career, trading it in only once before to play Robert De Niro's daughter in the 2005 thriller "Hide and Seek." A 10-year-old Fanning confirmed, at the time, that she wore a wig for the movie.

"I loved it. I loved wearing the wig," she said, adding, "It was awesome."

Dark hair does suit her!

Check out Fanning's new hairstyle below:

dakota fanning brunette

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