10/16/2012 11:04 am ET Updated Oct 16, 2012

Joe Scarborough: Obama Has 'Advantage' In Second Debate (VIDEO)

Joe Scarborough predicted that President Obama will have the advantage in Tuesday's debate because of the town-hall format, referencing Mitt Romney's "awkward moments."

Obama is expected to step things up on Tuesday after what many felt was a lackluster performance at the first presidential debate. Pundits seem to agree that the stakes are high for the president. Scarborough, however, asserted that the pressure is trained on Romney during the Q&A session because the candidate is "just not as comfortable around people."

He explained: "Barack Obama at his best is when he's on stage without a teleprompter walking back and forth playing off an audience. Mitt Romney at his worst is in that same situation when he's trying to relate to the kids talking about sport ball — he's not good at it."


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