10/16/2012 05:43 pm ET

Joshua P. Dalton Allegedly Points Gun At Schoolchildren Over Confederate Flag Dispute

A Virginia Beach man was arrested after allegedly brandishing a gun at a group of children getting off a school bus.

Joshua P. Dalton, 18, reportedly got into an argument with elementary school students over a Confederate flag he had displayed in his truck, the Associated Press reports.

Authorities say that the two children reported that a man had pointed a gun at them to their bus driver, who returned them to school and called the police, according to WTKR.

Dalton was charged with two misdemeanor counts of brandishing a firearm.

If the kids went to school in Oregon, it may have been the bus driver who was flying the rebel flag. In August, a self-proclaimed "redneck" bus driver fought in courts for his right to display a Confederate flag in his pickup truck.


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