Whether it's the result of poor editing or an outright oversight, hundreds of movies contain glaring plot holes, which baffle viewers and leave audiences with lingering questions. While many tiny holes and logical inconsistencies tend to go unnoticed, the largest ones are often debated over and over again among film buffs.

How did we get from this scene to the next? Don't they have weapons they can use? Isn't she contradicting what she said earlier in the movie?

Many minor plot holes stem from issues with continuity between scenes; watch the deleted scenes later, and there's the answer to your lingering question. Then, there are some that just can't be explained.

Check out which plot holes annoy us the most in the gallery below, and tell us in the comments which movie plot holes bother you the most. Did we miss any?

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  • "The Dark Knight Rises"

    This film is chock full of questionable scenes, from policemen charging into hand-to-hand combat against tanks to Bruce's on-again, off-again limp. But the biggest plot hole may be the overall passage of time. How did Bain transport Bruce to the underground prison halfway across the world and return to Gotham so quickly? And how did Bruce have time to return to Gotham and do everything he needed to do? Read <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mike-ryan/the-dark-knight-rises-7-lingering-questions_b_1695014.html">six other lingering questions</a> HuffPost Entertainment's Mike Ryan had about "The Dark Knight Rises."

  • "The Matrix"

    We know the machines chose 1999 so humans do not reject the dreamworld, but why didn't they chose a time when <a href="http://www.totalfilm.com/features/40-baffling-movie-plot-holes/the-matrix-1999">humans were less computer-savvy</a>, i.e. capable of overthrowing the system?

  • Limitless

    Okay, Eddie; we get that you're now using 100 percent of your brain, making you one of the smartest people on Earth. So why didn't you stop to consider another way of accumulating $100,000 to bolster your stock investments rather than borrowing it from a Russian mobster?

  • "The Amazing Spider-Man"

    So what happened to Uncle Ben's killer? We never find out after Peter abandons the quest to save New York City from Dr. Curt Connors who turns himself into a giant lizard. And don't even get us started on <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/05/spider-man-bing-microsoft-product-placement_n_1651621.html">Peter's "choice" of search engine</a> in the film. Though it may not be a plot hole, it's pretty questionable. Read <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mike-ryan/the-amazing-spider-man-6-lingering-questions_b_1659139.html">five other lingering questions</a> HuffPost Entertainment's Mike Ryan had about "The Amazing Spider-Man."

  • Any Time Travel Movie

    Go on, pick a time travel movie -- "Looper," "Back to the Future," "<a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mike-ryan/men-in-black-3-plot_b_1551346.html">Men In Black 3</a>." Pick. Any. Movie. You will find a plot hole. It is just nearly impossible to construct a completely plausible time travel movie without holes.

  • "Battlefield Earth"

    The entire movie is a plot hole. But specifically, when the "future cavemen" find 1,000-year-old jet fighters that they then fly in battle against an alien super power -- and win. How did they know what the jets were? How did they know how to fly them? How could the fighters even work after 1,000 years of neglect? How could they defeat alien technology?

  • "Independence Day"

    A computer virus destroys an entire alien ship ... really? And where did David connect the device that uploaded the virus. We doubt they sell alien ports at Best Buy.

  • "The Lost World: Jurassic Park"

    The scene where the boat arrives with an all dead crew and unloads a T. rex to wreak havoc? How exactly was the crew killed if the T. rex was initially locked up? You'll have to watch the deleted scenes to find out ...

  • "The Mummy Returns"

    The sequel's storyline creates a number of plot holes in the first film. Where's Rick's tattoo in the first film (hint: not on his forearm)? If Evelyn is the reincarnation of the Egyptian princess, why didn't Imhotep recognize her in the first film? The list goes on, and on ...

  • "Waterworld"

    If paper is such a rare commodity, why are the 'Smokers' smoking what seems like an endless amount of cigarettes?

  • "Citizen Kane"

    The entire movie is based on Kane's famous last word, "rosebud." However, Kane died alone. So who was there to pass on what he said?

  • "Signs"

    As Mel Gibson's character discovers later in the film, the aliens invading Earth are harmed by water. Did they not realize this weakness before invading a planet that is covered in water? What happens if it rains -- wouldn't their entire invasion be thwarted? While there are several theories floating around the Internet that attempt to explain this plot hole -- maybe the <a href="http://www.reddit.com/r/FanTheories/comments/urx8s/signs_the_aliens_are_good_guys_and_very/">aliens were peaceful</a> -- another running theory counters that there was no invasion and the <a href="http://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/yvlbz/movies_that_have_a_well_they_made_that_look_easy/c5zagl3?context=1">film is actually an allegory</a>.

  • "The Stepford Wives"

    In the remake, Nicole Kidman's character comes face-to-face with her robot, but in the end, the wives return to normal once their microchips are fried. So which is it? Are they brainwashed by implanted microchips are replaced entirely by robots?

  • "Gremlins"

    Feeding the Mogwai after midnight -- isn't it always after midnight somewhere in the world? Technically, if they're on Asian standard time, then feeding them after 12 a.m. EST actually means they were fed at ... oh never mind. There's just too many things wrong with this scenario.

  • "Memento"

    If he can't store new memories how does he know he has anterograde amnesia?

  • "Vanilla Sky"

    The ending tried to disguise the fact the film had no plot. "It was all a dream!" A deus ex machina "twist" to mask the fact an entire movie was built on one big plot hole.

  • "Minority Report"

    Like many time travel films, movies surrounding future timelines and predictions tend to be ripe with plot holes. "Minority Report" is no different, with the precogs predicting a future -- or at least future intentions -- that never comes to pass.

  • "The Dark Knight"

    "The Dark Knight Rises" is not the only movie in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy that contains major plot holes. In the second film, when the Joker shows up at the fundraiser looking for Harvey Dent, he threatens Rachel, ultimately dropping her out of a window. Batman jumps after her, catching her in time to break her fall. But what happens to all those people still at the fundraiser? Did the Joker and his goons just shrug and leave?

  • "Alien 3"

    While there are certainly other plot holes in the "Alien" series to point out, one of the biggest one occurs at the beginning of the third film. The movie shows one alien egg hanging on the wall in the sleep chamber. But how did it get there from the last film when the Queen never had the opportunity to leave an egg to in her wake?

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