Top 10 Soundbites From Second Presidential Debate (AUDIO)

10/17/2012 05:33 pm ET

Mitt Romney's statement on "binders full of women" was the top soundbite from the second presidential debate, according to soundbite platform Hark.com.

Also making the top 10 list: Barack Obama's quip "it's not as big as yours" during the pensions discussion, Romney's remark "I care about 100% of the American people" and Obama bringing up his opponent's 47% comments.

The list was compiled based on to the most-listened to clips on the Hark platform through this morning. Have a look and listen to the top 10 soundbites below.

Which line did you find most memorable? Feel free to comment below.

10. "All Right? I Was Not The Standard Bearer" (ROMNEY)

9. "Trickle Down Government Has Never Worked" (ROMNEY)

8. "You Wouldn't Have Taken Such A Sketchy Deal" (OBAMA)

7. "I Care About 100% Of The American People" (ROMNEY)

6. "They Brought Out A Migratory Bird Act To Go After Them On A Criminal Basis" (ROMNEY)

5. "You're The Last Person Who's Going To Get Tough On China" (OBAMA)

4. "47%" (OBAMA)

3. "China A Currency Manipulator" (ROMNEY)

2. "It's Not As Big As Yours" (OBAMA)

1. "Binders Full Of Women" (ROMNEY)

Obama, Romney Get Intense At 2nd Debate

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