10/17/2012 05:33 pm ET

Top 10 Soundbites From Second Presidential Debate (AUDIO)

Mitt Romney's statement on "binders full of women" was the top soundbite from the second presidential debate, according to soundbite platform Hark.com.

Also making the top 10 list: Barack Obama's quip "it's not as big as yours" during the pensions discussion, Romney's remark "I care about 100% of the American people" and Obama bringing up his opponent's 47% comments.

The list was compiled based on to the most-listened to clips on the Hark platform through this morning. Have a look and listen to the top 10 soundbites below.

Which line did you find most memorable? Feel free to comment below.

10. "All Right? I Was Not The Standard Bearer" (ROMNEY)

9. "Trickle Down Government Has Never Worked" (ROMNEY)

8. "You Wouldn't Have Taken Such A Sketchy Deal" (OBAMA)

7. "I Care About 100% Of The American People" (ROMNEY)

6. "They Brought Out A Migratory Bird Act To Go After Them On A Criminal Basis" (ROMNEY)

5. "You're The Last Person Who's Going To Get Tough On China" (OBAMA)

4. "47%" (OBAMA)

3. "China A Currency Manipulator" (ROMNEY)

2. "It's Not As Big As Yours" (OBAMA)

1. "Binders Full Of Women" (ROMNEY)

Obama, Romney Get Intense At 2nd Debate