10/18/2012 09:20 am ET | Updated Oct 21, 2012

Futuristic Toasters: Concepts That Are Nearly Real (PHOTOS)

There's probably no appliance in the kitchen more mundane than a toaster -- the only thing it does is toast bread (well that and maybe a grilled cheese sandwich), but oftentimes that piece of bread ends up burnt to a char. Luckily, the future looks a lot brighter for the toaster. Not only will new models allow us to monitor the slice of bread being toasted, there will also be concepts that take toasting to the next level. One toaster burns images, notes and can even include the day's weather forecast so you'll know if you need an umbrella while you're chewing your breakfast.

See all the toaster concepts in the slideshow below. Some might be coming sooner than you think.

What would be your vision of a toaster from the future? Leave a comment below.

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Futuristic Toasters