Last month, we made the case that it might be worth reworking your fitness routine to include some a.m. workouts. New research found that squeezing in fitness first thing can stave off cravings. And morning exercise can also propel you through a long day, give your brainpower a boost and help you to actually stick to that exercise plan in the first place.

In fact, your willpower to exercise at all may be strongest in the morning. Turns out you deplete your tank of stick-to-itiveness during the day, Wired reported, "much like the gas in your car." If you're likely to find an excuse to skip a trip to the gym no matter what time of day it is, morning workouts may be your best bet.

But what about those of us who -- try as we might -- will never be early birds?

The Healthy Living editors shared some of their top tips, and then we asked our Facebook and Twitter fans and followers for their tricks for lacing up those sneakers before the rest of the day gets in the way. Here are some of our favorites. Add your own in the comments!

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  • One step at a time. Once I'm awake, I might as well get out of bed. Once I'm out of bed, I might as well put on my clothes. Once I'm dressed, I might as well go running. --Jeanie Kyle

  • I heard great advice once that said to think about your morning workouts like business meetings. You wouldn't dare sleep through a morning meeting, and you should treat your early workouts the same way. --Kelly Burke

  • Even though I'm probably cranky before and during my workout, I <em>never</em> regret getting up and going after the fact. --Jen Lau

  • My trick is having a pup that demands a morning walk at the park. --<a href="">Slim Down U</a>

  • "Set [your] alarm for 15 minutes earlier than you actually need to be up." --Amanda Sterling, Associate Blog Editor "I set my alarm out of reach from my bed so I have to physically get up to shut it off." --Jared Smith

  • <a href="">Tip off your social networks</a> to your morning fitness plans, blogger Caitlyn Boyle told Woman's Day. Your fans and followers will help hold you accountable -- and you may even recruit one or two of them to join in.

  • "It helps me to have everything I need laying out waiting for me." --<a href="">H(EDGE)s Fitness</a>

  • "I pack my gym bag the night before... If I can start the morning stress free, I am more likely to have the mental energy to head to the gym." --<a href="">Lori Reynolds Woodrow</a>

  • I let myself <em>buy</em> coffee in the morning if I work out, rather than making it at home. The cleanup feels like punishment for skipping! --<a href="">Kate Bratskeir</a>, Associate Editor, Healthy Living

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