10/18/2012 09:20 am ET | Updated Dec 02, 2014

This Is The Mother Lode Of Sweet Pecan Recipes

Half Baked Harvest

As a native nut to North America, pecans have a special place in American cuisine -- ahem, Thanksgiving pie. But pecans are good for a lot more than just pie. They're an integral part of Southern cuisine, and candied pecans are a big in New Orleans.

But even outside of the South, pecans an important part of making everything delicious -- that's why they're so expensive.

When you do decide to indulge in this pricey nut, you'll be rewarded tenfold with some of the best food you've ever made. We have just the recipes to make sure that happens. Twenty-eight of them to be exact. From cupcakes to sticky buns to waffles. And of course, pie.

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