6 Best Big Cities To Retire

10/19/2012 08:33 am ET

Huff/Post50 readers are always looking for the latest and greatest retirement hot spots. In the past we've run stories on the best college towns for retirees, the cheapest places to retire overseas, the five best cities for older singles and a handful of quirky places to spend your golden years. This week released a list of the top 25 places to retire, grouping its picks into four categories: big cities, small cities, college towns and resort locations. CNNMoney took into consideration the price of real estate, crime and tax rates, as well as the quality of health care, among other factors.

Check out the slideshow below for the top-ranked big cities, and click over to to see the list in its entirety. Let us know what your top choices would be for the best places to retire in the comments!

Top 6 Places To Retire
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