Nico Lang Talks 'Complicated' Relationship With Father After Coming Out As Gay

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As society becomes more progressive, gays and lesbians are coming out younger and younger--but not necessarily to accepting parents.

That was the case for Nico Lang, who says he's had a "complicated" relationship with his father after coming out of the closet.

"It was really apparent from a very early age that I was not going to be like other boys," Lang recalls. "When I was a kid, my parents thought I would probably grow up to be [transgender] because I had a predilection for trying on dresses a whole lot."

Lang went on to note, "I think that, more than anything, my dad and I lacked a common language."

Lang was one of several to react to "I Didn't Deserve To Lose You: An Open Letter to My Anti-Gay Parents," a blog penned by college student Shura Lopez-Beale on her family's response to her coming.

Listen to what Nico had to say in the video clip above, or watch the full HuffPost Live segment below.

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