Most WTF Halloween Decorations On Etsy (PHOTOS)

10/21/2012 01:09 pm ET

If you haven't already gotten your home decked out in the finest Halloween decor money can buy, what on earth are you waiting for? Certainly, you must have no shortage of seasonal shops offering all manner of plastic oddities to junk up your front porch (or studio apartment).

But perhaps you want something a little more particular, a little more handmade, a little more Etsy-fabulous. If so, then there's not a moment to spare. Click through this slideshow of some of the most WTF pieces of Halloween garbage we could find, all lovingly made by weirdos with time to kill skilled artisans. We're sure you'll find just the thing to literally scare away all the children in your neighborhood. (Plus, one or two of them are actually really creepy.)

WTF Etsy

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