The kindergarten teacher who directed his students in a spirited performance of Madonna's "Vogue" this summer is back with another pint-sized tribute to the Queen of Pop.

This time, students in Arturo Avina's class are taking on "Material Girl," the 1985 single that helped make Madonna a household name around the world, in their school's production of "The Lonely Prince."

"I love the performing arts and try to incorporate it into my lessons as much as I can to make up for the lack of support arts education receives," Avina, who teaches a general ed curriculum at the Olympic Primary Center in Los Angeles, told HuffPost Gay Voices in an email. "At this age, drama and theater are extremely important and can really help a student with their reading comprehension (they had to read a script and understand characters, setting, and plot), not to mention their self-confidence and their ability to work together as a team."

Avina, who says he is a Madonna fan, went on to note, "Sometimes a good pop song is better at telling a story than a typical nursery rhyme. And it's a lot more fun to teach when you teach what you love."

Take a look at our picks for Madonna's best live performances below:

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  • 'Like A Virgin' (1984)

    It was the performance that shook that world: a barely-known Madonna opened the very first MTV VMAs with her now legendary "Like A Virgin." She now says her rolling around on the floor was a cover-up to retrieve a lost shoe.

  • 'Into The Groove' (Live Aid, 1985)

    Madge performed her "Desperately Seeking Susan" soundtrack smash before an audience of 30,000.

  • 'Express Yourself' (MTV Video Music Awards 1989)

    Take that, Lady Gaga: Madonna offered a sneak peak at voguing when opened the 1989 VMAs with this female empowerment smash.

  • 'Vogue' (1990 MTV Video Music Awards)

    The Material Girl set a new standard for live MTV performances when she ditched the fashion runway grab of the "Vogue" video for a Marie Antoinette look.

  • 'Sooner Or Later' (1991)

    Madonna shunned detractors who had long been critical of her live vocals when she nailed every note of this Stephen Sondheim-penned "Dick Tracy" number to absolute perfection.

  • 'Bad Girl' ('Saturday Night Live,' 1993)

    Madonna's performance of this poignant ballad off the underrated "Erotica" album was undoubtedly a highlight of her SNL appearance.

  • 'Fever' (Arsenio Hall Show, 1993)

    Her own version may have been more dance-oriented, but Madonna brought her cover of "Fever" back to its classic Peggy Lee origins on Arsenio.

  • 'Bedtime Story' (Brit Awards 1995)

    Madge went from "Material" to ethereal when she opted for a Donatella Versace look for her Brit Awards performance in 1995.

  • 'Music' (Grammys 2001)

    Madonna struck a few pimp daddy poses for her second Grammy Awards performance, nearly 20 years into her career.

  • 'Imagine' (Tsunami Aid 2005)

    Madonna boldly covered the John Lennon classic for this performance, a fundraiser for the victims of the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami.

  • 'Feel Good Inc. & Hung Up' (Grammys 2006)

    This wildly trippy performance of Madonna's "Confessions on a Dancefloor" hit featured Madge as a hologram alongside Gorillaz before the real thing emerged.

  • 'Like A Prayer' (Hope for Haiti, 2010)

    Madge brought back her 1989 classic for this truly stunning performance during the Hope For Haiti telethon.