That Halloween costume party is quickly approaching, and as much as you hate to admit it, that perfect costume idea is probably still evading you.

Yes, there are a host of stock costume options -- the sexy bumblebee or terribly innovative nerd costume you've worn the past three years -- but for those seeking a more creative outfit, this year's movies might offer a needed dose of inspiration.

From raven feather couture to witty woodland animals and sharp suited agents, we have compiled a list of costume ideas that won't leave you wishing you had passed on the eye patch and pirate hat. Halloween night is all about taking chances, and with one of our movie themed ideas, you will be on your way to an enjoyable night and maybe that elusive "Best Costume" award.

Click through the gallery below for our favorite movie inspired costumes and let us know what character you plan to play this Halloween. Also, here's a pro-tip: Everyone else is going as "The Avengers."

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  • Bane - "The Dark Knight Rises"

    If you are going for approachable creepiness, why not dress up as supervillan Bane -- Not to mention this option will be a lot more memorable than revisiting that Batman costume you debuted in kindergarten. You <a href="">can attempt to make this outfit</a> with your own sherpa lined jacket and combat ready vest and accessories or opt to purchase the look, mask included, at <a href=""></a>

  • Queen Ravenna - "Snow White and the Huntsman"

    To be such an unapologetically evil lady -- stealing people's youth is never okay -- Queen Ravenna somehow found time to cultivate a dark, edgy style that provided a new twist on royal elegance. Skip the bows and tulle this year and dress as the evil Ravenna with one of the gowns at <ahref=""></a>

  • Effie Trinket - "The Hunger Games"

    With her dramatic makeup, voluminous clothing choices and weakness for both oversized flowers and multicolored hair, Effie is a great costume choice for someone up for the challenge. To help you transform, there are several makeup and outfit tutorials like the one at <a href=""></a> -- just in time for the next reaping ceremony.

  • Agent K and Agent J - "Men In Black 3"

    For a duo in need of a costume idea, this is simple as it gets. Will a black suit, black tie and black shades, you will be be ready for a night of memory zapping and galaxy defending.

  • Merida - "Brave"

    An emerald dress can easily transform you into the fearless Merida. Visit <a href=""></a> to purchase the dress and Merida's bow and arrow. A crown of fiery red hair is the anchor of this costume -- easily purchased on the same site if you don't have it naturally.

  • Admiral General Aladeen - "The Dictator"

    If political correctness is of no concern for you, then salute free speech and the power of the beard as Admiral General Aladeen this Halloween. You can visit <a href=""></a> to purchase this costume.

  • Lorax - "The Lorax"

    If you are looking for another simple costume idea, Lorax just might be your guy. An orange T-shirt, yellow beard and yellow beanie are all you need to become this charachter. Suessland <a href="">sells a Lorax accessories kit</a> for $14.99.

  • Pi - "Life of Pi"

    His harem pants might seem like a cast off from the closet of Disney's Aladdin, but this young man is on an entirely different journey. Cuffed Linen pants and a loosely tied turban are all you need. No shoes. No shirt. No problem.

  • Margaret Thatcher - "The Iron Lady"

    A blond wig, oversized pearled earrings and blue power suit will have you looking ready for a speech to the UK House of Commons. Don't forget the pearl necklace and broach, all items we're sure Grandma will loan out for one night.

  • Ted and John - "Ted"

    Ted and John are another costume idea best suited for a duo. The fuzzy bear costume can be rushed from <a href=""></a> and "John" only needs a white shirt, striped tie and khakis.

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