Given the sad state of 21st century air travel, it's hard not to reminisce about the good old days -- back when passengers and crew actually smiled while in the air. Heck, things were so good they even sang about it half the time, as these commercials can attest.

And, two make it even better, this nostalgic look at the friendly skies of yesterday comes paired with the kind of retro awesomeness that only some decades could have served up -- go-go dancing anyone?

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy all the vintage airline glory below.

If that's not enough, have a look at a history of flight attendant uniforms through the years.

What do you miss the most about air travel's glory days? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • American Airways, 1933

    The fact that this is so old makes it inherently cool. And, could you imagine if ticket offices were still that nice?

  • TWA, 1940s

    It is impossible to look that good stepping off an airplane these days.

  • Eastern Airlines, Mid 1960s

    Overly chatty seat mates -- at least some things haven't changed.

  • American Airlines, 1960s


  • National Airlines, 1960s

    Go-go dancing -- a feeling not typically related with modern air travel.

  • TWA, date unknown

    Those milk guys really do get around.

  • Continental, 1970s

    Yes. That is Suzanne Somers.

  • Southwest, 1972

    Who wears short shorts?

  • Continental, 1970s

    Well, "boo hoo" is still something heard around the airport, just in a different capacity.

  • TWA, 1979

    Why doesn't this happen anymore?!

  • Pan Am, 1980

    Can't even say "hello" to Pan Am anymore.

  • British Airways, 1980

    What's the deal with the French accent here? And, why don't airlines give out those cool bags anymore?

  • Air Canada, 1981

    What's a hot, freshly-prepared meal?

  • United, 1984

    Sweet computer graphics, bro!

  • Swissair, 1988

    Amazing 80s jingle. That is all.

  • Southern Airlines, undated