As much as we love keeping up with what's hot, even we've got to admit: most fashion trends have the shelf life of an already-opened beer.

While this year we've loved our colored jeans and mixed prints, sometimes we question the point of buying trendy things when you've got a limited budget and schedule. (We're big fans of shopping our own closets.)

On that note, after a whirlwind summer of bright colors and patterns, and more than one wild shoe: here are 11 fads that we'd like to see bubble their way flat.

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  • Cambridge neon satchels

    Neon is not a neutral. It's not!

  • Jeffrey Campbell Lita platforms

    Attention personal style bloggers: you know you can wear other types of shoes, right?

  • My Little Pony hair

    The pink and purple dip dye are probs best left to the ponies. (Getty photo)

  • Circle scarves

    So bulky! You can do way more with a regular garden-variety scarf. Fight for your scarf's right to have ends!

  • Multi-finger rings

    Have you ever tried to type with one of these bad boys on? It's like that feeling you get wearing a too-tight belt all day.

  • Nail stickers

    They're hard to apply, hard to get off your nails and honestly, sometimes it just looks like you marinated your fingers in a Trapper Keeper.

  • Sheer dresses over bodysuits

    We get it: it's the '90s revival, blah blah blah. But at some point a girl just needs something opaque. And preferably with pants. (Getty photo)

  • Heel-less shoes

    LOL, nice try, fashion, but these shoes were not built for the subway. Next.

  • Topknots

    It's like a "how close to your forehead can you get the rest of your hair" contest. (WireImage photo)

  • Buttoned up collars

    No matter how hard we try, we still look like we're in grade school when we try this. (Getty photo)

  • Neon orange lipstick

    Coral is a lot more flattering, <em>non</em>?

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