We recently put together a list of our biggest turnoffs found in a guy’s apartment. And let us tell you, the men weren’t happy. So, it only seemed fair to put together a list of the things found in a girl’s house that men can’t stand. We asked around and the answers were surprising -- to say the least.

All those things you ladies thought were cute, like your doll collection and even your cat, are apparently weirding out the dudes. Click through our slideshow to see the home deal breakers, straight from the horses' mouth. Tell us if you agree or disagree -- and submit your own!

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  • Cats

    This was a big no-no for most men.

  • Globs Of Hair

    Oh right, because we're the <em>only</em> ones who shed.

  • Photos Of Exs

    We thought we'd hear this when we asked the ladies, but apparently the guys dislike it even more.

  • Blanket Attachment

    We really hope that doesn't mean we have to ditch "Blankety"!

  • Stuffed Animals

    If they didn't win it for you at the fair, they don't want you to have them... at all.

  • Posters Of Male Celebrities

    We're just going to say one thing: jealous.

  • 'Nice' Cups

    They obviously prefer us to drink out of Superman mugs. All.The.Time.

  • Dolls

    Okay, we get it. Nothing from our childhood.

  • Tampons

    We guess guys just don't want to know anything about that "time of the month."

  • Toilet Seat Left...Down?

    To be honest, this just came from one guy who said "I'll leave the toilet seat down, if you leave it up."

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