Here comes Windows 8.

Microsoft makes the final version of its Windows 8 Operating System available to download at 12:01 a.m. on Oct. 26. At a big press event in New York's Time Warner Center, CEO Steve Ballmer and company took to the stage to display several of the PCs, flashy new tablets and a slew of other gadgets that will run the highly-anticipated operating system.

"Windows 8 will help you do everything," Ballmer stated while debuting the new technology. Microsoft founder Bill Gates has also touted the OS, saying he is "very pleased" with the update and that "it'll be a big deal."

So what are the most noteworthy machines using Windows 8? We've complied a list below of a few awesome devices that we believe will give you the highest-quality user experience. From Microsoft's new Surface tablet to Toshiba's Satellite U920 laptop, these well-designed computers should show off everything Windows 8 has to offer.

What did you think about Microsoft's event? Will you purchase any of the company's new products? Let us know your favorite (and least favorite) Windows 8 features in the comments section below, or tweet us your thoughts at [@HuffPostTech]. Then check out the latest Microsoft updates (here), or read more about how to get Windows 8 for your device (here). You can also check out 7 reviewers' takes on Microsoft's Surface RT tablet (here

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  • Microsoft Surface Tablet

    Microsoft's sleek new tablet has been the poster child for Windows 8, always making an appearance at press events with the attachable, colorful keyboard in tow. Bult entirely by Microsoft, this tablet is a first for the company. <a href="">The Surface</a> will be released October 26 at a starting price of $499. <a href="">The Touch Cover and the Type Cover keyboards</a> will be available at $119.99 and $129.99, respectively. You can also bundle a Touch Cover with a Surface tablet for a starting price of $599. It's also important to note the Surface will run on <a href="">Windows 8 RT</a>, a pared down version of Windows 8.

  • Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro

    <a href="">This tablet</a>, with attachable keyboard, consists of an 11.6-inch touchscreen, as well as the Samsung S-Pen stylus. The price of the tablet will be $2,199, while the keyboard will cost an additional $189. Both will be available on Oct. 26, <a href="">according to CNET</a>. Source: <a href="">Samsung </a>

  • Asus Taichi

    <a href="">This nifty laptop</a> includes a built-in second screen on the front panel of the lid, which can function separately or mirror the interior screen. <a href="">Engaget reports</a> the device will be available this November at the starting price of $1,299. Source: <a href="">YouTube</a>

  • Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13

    <a href="">Lenovo's Ultrabook</a> screen flips a full 360 degrees and is billed as a laptop with the "touch experience of a tablet," <a href="">according to Lenovo's website</a>. The IdeaPad will be released October 26 <a href="">per Gizmag</a>. The company's <a href="">website states</a> the starting price will be set at $999. Source: <a href="">Lenovo</a>

  • Toshiba Satellite U920t

    <a href="">To convert this laptop</a> into a tablet, users simply slide the screen on an attached runner instead of detaching a keyboard that was bought separately. While the tablet may be slightly heavier than some of the competition, it's also a sturdy-feeling device. <a href="">The Satellite is currently available online</a> and will ship in four to five weeks at a starting price of $1,149.99. Source: <a href="">Toshiba</a>

  • Sony VAIO Tap 20

    <a href="">This PC will provide great entertainment</a> with its 20-inch screen and handy kickstand. Microsoft wants you to "forget gathering around the TV," and instead hopes you gather around the VAIO for multiple forms of distraction. <a href="">The Windows website states</a> this PC will cost $999, and will be available at the end of October. Source: <a href="">Windows </a>

  • HP Envy X2

    Another laptop-tablet duo, <a href="">the Envy</a> is functional with either touch technology, or a keyboard that latches into place. It also has 14 hours of battery life, and weighs only a little over 3 pounds (keyboard included). <a href="">According to the Windows site</a>, the Envy will start at $849. <a href="">Computerworld reports</a> the device will begin shipping on Nov. 14. Source: <a href="">Windows</a>

  • Dell XPS 12 Convertible

    Built with a mechanical henge, this Dell hybrid quickly converts from a laptop into a tablet. (To see the transition in action, <a href="">click here</a>.) <a href="">Dell's blog</a> reports that the device is currently available for preorder in the U.S. at a starting price of $1,199. Source: <a href="">Dell </a>

  • ASUS Vivo Tab RT

    A direct competitor to Microsoft's Surface, <a href="">this tablet/laptop hybrid</a> will also run on <a href="">Windows 8 RT</a>. The device is very lightweight at a little over one pound, even with a 10-inch screen. <a href="">CNET reports</a> the ASUS Vivo will start at $599 for the 32GB version, and will initially be sold as a WiFi only device, beginning on Oct. 26 (though AT&T is expected to offer a 4G LTE soon). Source: <a href="">Windows</a>

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