Engineering Memes Facebook Page Highlights The Humor Of Being An Engineering Major

10/26/2012 08:57 am ET | Updated Oct 26, 2012

Engineering is popularly known as one of the most difficult majors around. Grading is notoriously harsh and problem sets are endless. So it's no wonder that the poor souls that major in it sometimes use comedy to lighten their load.

This is where the Facebook page "Engineering Memes" comes in.

The page highlights essentially three varieties of engineering meme:

  1. Memes that make no sense because you are not an engineer
  2. Memes about how liberal arts majors will not get a job/are stupid
  3. Memes about lovelorn engineers

Check out our slideshow of the best engineering memes below, then let us know which is the funniest in the comments.

Engineering Memes

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