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Prop 37 Opponents Spending Millions To Oppose GMO Label Law

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California's Prop 37, a ballot initiative that proposes mandatory GMO foods labels, has seen support from food advocates such as Michael Pollan and Alice Waters, as well as various celebrities such as Jillian Michaels and Danny DeVito. Various food companies such as Nature's Path and Organic Valley have also shown their support in the form of monetary donations. Food Democracy Now!, a group focused on sustainable food policy, has calculated that these businesses have donated more than $5.5 million to support Prop 37.

But, $5.5 million pales in comparison with the major food businesses that have opposed the proposition. Here's a list of food companies against Prop 37 and how much money they've contributed to oppose it (according to Food Democracy Now!):

Monsanto - $7,100,500
DuPont - $4,900,000
Pepsi - $2,145,400
Bayer - $2,000,000
Dow - $2,000,000
BASF - $2,000,000
Syngenta - $2,000,000
Kraft Foods - $1,950,000
Coca-Cola - $1,455,500
Nestle - $1,315,600
General Mills - $1,135,000
ConAgra - $1,077,000
Kellogg’s - $790,000
Smithfield - $684,000

And here's a list of companies that have supported Prop 37: - $1,115,000
Nature’s Path - $610,000
Dr. Bronner’s - $369,000
Lundberg - $251,000
Udis/EarthBalance/Glutino - $102,000
Clif Bar- $100,000
Organic Valley - $100,000
Amy’s - $100,000
Annie’s - $50,000
Nutiva - $50,000
Frey Vineyards - $35,000

We'll let the numbers speak for themselves.

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