Cocktail Rings Add Sparkle To The Blah Days Of Winter (PHOTOS)

10/28/2012 09:04 pm ET | Updated Oct 28, 2012

Remember that diamond flower ring that Samantha famously bid on (and eventually received) in "Sex And The City: The Movie"? Carrie described it as "a little too much" and she was right. The enormous sparkler was bold, and, like all cocktail rings should be, a conversation starter.

As the days get shorter and our wardrobes get darker, we all need a little sparkle. And what better way than to slip on a cocktail ring? The oversized baubles can be more daring than your style usually is, and that's precisely the point. Your LBD just became that much more interesting with that knuckle-duster on your hand. Your business suit from today's meeting just went from boring business wear to evening-appropriate with a large gold cocktail ring (and an extra button undone on your silk blouse, naturellement). There's no need to pull a Kim Kardashian with a two million dollar ring either, not with sites like Bauble Bar where you can spend a pittance for something really pretty.

Here, seven cocktail rings to get this party started.

Style 7: Cocktail Rings

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