As millions of people in the Northeast lost power and watched as the streets began to flood, Coco was reporting on Hurricane Sandy (now re-named Superstorm Sandy) from her balcony in Edgewater, New Jersey.

The reality star and wife of rapper Ice-T braved the high winds in a hot pink tracksuit and lowcut tank top to give fans her account of the dangerous storm.

“The wind is crazy,” she says as her hair and jacket is blown around. “The wind is pushing drops in your eyes. I am soaked. It is bizarre. It’s cool but scary at the same time.”

The "Ice Loves Coco" star posted the video to Twitter around 7:20 P.M. and wrote: "I just uploaded a video of me testing out the wind before Hurricane Sandy hits land.U can't hear crap though."

Hours later, Coco joined the estimated 2.4 million households in New Jersey who are now without power due to the storm:

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  • Jerry Seinfeld

    Mayor Bloomberg going with zip up neck sweater to fight Sandy. Shows preparedness. Windy: zip it up Storm over: back down #frankenstorm

  • Rob Lowe

    Flying home from east coast and #Sandy. Wish I could bring all in harms way with me. #StaySafe

  • Ari Graynor

    Risking my safety at getting to a friends house for a hurricane hunker party bc i am now addicted to downton abbey

  • Caroline Manzo

    Thanks 4 all the good thoughts guys - we r 2gether & prepared to deal with #sandy - stay safe everyone!

  • Hayden Panettiere

    Wishing everyone on the east coast a safe and dry weekend! #Sandy

  • Jimmy Kimmel

    starting to get windy here in #Brooklyn...I hope our shows don't fly away

  • Kate Walsh

    Jeez, was supposed to go to NYC but frankenstorm put the kabosh on that, instead I dressed up like a cat & drank some tequila.

  • NiC0LE P0LiZZi

    Waiting for this storm!!! Slumber party with my boys!!!! 💙

  • Mia Farrow

    RT @nytjim: Mayor Bloomberg says you can bring pets to shelters in evacuation Zone A. #sandy

  • Lena Dunham

    My dad re: the hurricane: "I have tons of cash and a salad"

  • Andy Cohen

    In preparation for #Sandy I am downloading 10 more episodes of #FridayNightLights

  • Idina Menzel

    Oh Frankenstorm. What say you? To play Carnegie hall or not to play Carnegie hall. That is the question.

  • Jacqueline Laurita

    I keep seeing pictures of the flooding going on and it hasn't even started raining yet. Scary.

  • Wilson Cleveland

    "The wind began to switch. The house, to pitch. And suddenly the hinges started to un-hitch..."

  • Bethenny Frankel

    Everyone be safe rather than stupid. We're figuring out where we're going to stay.

  • KhloéKardashianOdom

    Praying for everyone on the East. ♥

  • Deena Cortese

    Nervous about this hurricane sandy coming our way

  • Ivanka Trump

    The calm before the storm. #sandy #hurricane

  • Bette Midler

    Batten down the hatches!! I'm baking macaroons for the duration. Hope it's over before Hulaween!!!! Eeeeeeekkkk!!

  • Perez Hilton

    The supermarket in #NYC right now.

  • Ashley Greene

    Maybe I should have stated where I was- Hurricane Sandy doesn't sound so fun...

  • Kim Kardashian

    Back in Miami now. Missed the storm. I'm praying for everyone on the East Coast. I hope everyone is safe!

  • Coco

    I'm obsessed with Hurricane Sandy..I just LOVE weather!The eye of the storm is coming straight towards me!!So exciting!Am I insane?I'm ready

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