Studies have shown that divorce is one of life's most stressful events. In order to ease some of the anxiety and heartache that often accompanies a split, many people -- both average Joes and celebrities alike -- turn to healthy de-stressors such as yoga and meditation to cope.

Yoga is extolled as a three-in-one workout for the mind, body, and spirit. Through poses and controlled breathing, yogis can reduce stress, lose weight and manage health conditions such as depression, insomnia and high blood pressure. Meditation -- which can be done through yoga or practiced on its own -- is also known to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve concentration and strengthen the immune system.

Click through the slides below to see five A-listers who practiced yoga and meditation after the painful breakup of their marriages.

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  • Russell Brand

    Russell Brand <a href="">filed for divorce</a> from Katy Perry in December 2011, after just 14 months of marriage. A month before the marriage was <a href="">officially dissolved</a> in July 2012, <a href="">UK tabloid The Sun</a> quoted Brand as saying: "I’m dedicating myself to all sorts of interesting things, you know. Transcendental meditation, kundalini yoga, these things are right good for the old spirit."

  • Jennifer Aniston

    In the wake of Brad Pitt's <a href=",,1066184,00.html">rumored extra-marital affair</a> with Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston <a href=",,1042412,00.html">filed for divorce</a> from her husband of four-and-a-half years in March 2005. In a 2012 <a href="">Shape magazine article</a>, Aniston's yoga instructor and wellness advisor, Mandy Ingber, revealed that she had been <a href="">working with the former "Friends" star</a> three to four times a week since 2005. Coincidence? We think not.

  • Mia Farrow

    After Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra <a href="">separated in November 1967</a>, the actress took a trip to India in order to <a href=",3098548&dq=meditation+divorce&hl=en">study transcendental mediation</a> with the modern-day founder of the practice, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who was also the <a href=",2090518&dq=mia+farrow+meditation+india&hl=en">spiritual adviser to the Beatles</a>. After two years of marriage, Farrow and the legendary crooner <a href=",9171,838635,00.html">finalized their divorce</a> in August 1968.

  • Katy Perry

    <a href="">Like her ex-hubby Russell Brand</a>, Perry turned to meditation to help her cope with the split. In September 2012, two months after the former couple <a href="">finalized their divorce</a>, the pop star tweeted about a spiritual journey she took where she <a href="">prayed</a> and took part in a <a href="">group meditation</a>. A month later, <a href="">she tweeted</a>: "Transcendental meditation changed my life. For my birthday I would love to pay it forward. In lieu of gifts, donate," asking her followers to give money to David Lynch's <a href="">transcendental meditation charity</a>.

  • Rod Stewart

    Rod Stewart and model Rachel Hunter <a href=",,20127437,00.html">announced their separation</a> in 1999, but didn't <a href="">finalize their divorce</a> until seven years later in November 2006. In his <a href="">2012 autobiography</a>, the British singer opened up about his <a href="">less-than-successful foray into yoga</a> as a way to ease the heartache of their split. "I'd decided to take up yoga, so a man came to the house to teach me the fundamentals," <a href="">Stewart wrote</a>. "As I was attempting to master a beginner's level 'balancing table' position, I fell over into the fireplace. (Surely, if God had meant us to do yoga, he'd have put our heads behind our knees.)"

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