11/01/2012 10:46 am ET

'Out Of My Window': Gail Albert Halaban's New Book Contains Poignant Voyeuristic Images Of People's Lives

The life of a city is revealed through its windows. All human life is there, and a poetic slice of it has been captured by Gail Albert Halaban's ever-observant camera. Her photos in Out Of My Window (powerHouse Books, $50) are revelatory and yet somehow melancholy as the figures appear silent, and often alone.

In a week where the lights went off in skyscrapers all over Manhattan, and people either left or sat, candlelit, in their apartments, these images have an increased poignancy.

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Out of My Window by Gail Albert Halaban

All photos taken out of From Out My Window by Gail Albert Halaban, published by powerHouse Books