Every now and then we drop in on the web sites of our favorite overseas fast food chains, and today's perusal of KFC Philippines yielded one of our favorite discoveries yet: KFC Mac & Cheese Bites.

An ad for the snack offers a description:

5 bite-sized treats with a crunchy outside and a delicious center filled with soft macaroni and creamy cheese.
kfc mac and cheese bites

Since these babies are literally a world away, we'll have to rely on the accounts of a few bloggers who've had the pleasure of noshing down on them for a sense of what they taste like.

Rochelle Sy Chua of HeaRty’s Haven had some nice things to say:

KFC Mac and Cheese Bites is crunchy on the outside and loaded on the inside with soft macaroni pasta and bits of bacon in cheese sauce! The cheesy taste was so strong that I’m sure cheese lovers won’t get enough it!

On the other hand, blogger Yna from Random Reviews wasn't thrilled with them:

When I took my first bite.... it was disappointing. It tasted bland and unappetizing, just one bite was enough. It wasn't even very fulfilling. ... Bleh.

Fran of Franny Wanny was somewhere in the middle:

At first glance, it looked like a risotto ball but as I bit into the crunchy deep-fried covering I enjoyed the creamy and cheesy filling made of macaroni bits, bacon and cheese sauce. Don't expect though that you'll be able to feel and bite into the macaroni as it's pretty mashed up already. It's not so bad only I find the cheese sauce to be a tad too salty for my taste.

All in all, it sounds like Mac & Cheese Bites aren't exactly our wildest macaroni dreams come true, but come on -- deep-fried cheese balls can't be all bad. Bring 'em stateside, KFC!

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