When it comes to incorporating fitness in our lives, we could all use a little help staying motivated. That could take the form of a running buddy, personal trainer, beloved DVD coach or, for many, a coterie of the best fitness experts online. Twitter is a great tool to disseminate fitness information -- from inspirational quotes to new, effective moves and tips to maintain energy and promote recovery.

Here are the 20 people who help us keep up the hard work every day: including not only master trainers like Joe Dowdell and Tracy Anderson, but also fitness writers like Jen Sinkler. Each of these Tweeps can help up your workout game.

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  • Joe Dowdell

    A trainer for top celebrities and professional athletes, Dowdell offers up his best moves to his followers.

  • Jeff Halevy

    Gym owner, trainer and Let's Move ambassador, Halevy offers inspirational tweets, newsy op-eds and his thoughts on diet and fitness.

  • Adam Bornstein

    A former fitness editor for places like Livestrong.com and Men's Health, Bornstein is also a certified trainer.

  • Liz DiAlto

    DiAlto is an NYC-based trainer with a sense of humor and some great tips -- everything from new moves and modifications to hair advice.

  • John Romaniello

    A self-proclaimed "Fitness bro-thaurity," Romaniello tweets at the intersection of personal training and tech start-up culture, thanks to his role as the founder of Roman Fitness Systems and as an angel investor.

  • Meaghan B Murphy

    Murphy is deputy editor at <em>Self</em> magazine and also a certified trainer.

  • Jen Sinkler

    A fitness editor who advocates heavy lifting for women -- and shows her followers how it's done with images in her feed.

  • Gunnar Peterson

    Trainer to the stars, Peterson communicates with some of the hottest bodies in Hollywood via Twitter.

  • Rob Sulaver

    A trainer, athlete and writer, Sulaver is a fitness expert for magazines as varied as <em>Men's Health</em> and <em>Seventeen</em>.

  • Ashley Borden

    Borden is a very respected personal trainer who also advises the boards of places like Livestrong and FITNESS Magazine.

  • Bobby Strom

    Strom is a trainer's trainer: followed and respected by fitness experts, even if he isn't a public brand... yet.

  • Kelly Olexa

    The founder of FitFluential, Olexa is as connected and plugged in to the fitness community as anyone.

  • James Fell

    A trainer and fitness writer for the lay person with a gym membership, Fell offers practical tips to enhance your workouts.

  • Bob Harper

    Trainer Bob needs no introduction: the <em>Biggest Loser</em> star offers support, workout tips and healthy recipes on his feed.

  • Jen Comas Keck

    A certified trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Keck is a generalist who offers advice on powerlifting, yoga and everything in between.

  • Jillian Michaels

    America's trainer, <em>Biggest Loser</em>'s Michaels offers the same tough love encouragement to her Tweeps as she does on the show.

  • Debi Silber

    A fitness coach with a devoted following, Silber tweets out motivational quotes, links to her events and advice.

  • Mark Dilworth

    A trainer and fitness writer, Dilworth keeps his followers on task with reminders to get out and move.

  • Tracy Anderson

    The creator of the Tracy Anderson method and trainer to stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Molly Simms, Anderson offers expert advice and shows us glimpses into her glam life.

  • Tony Horton

    The creator of P90X continues to spread his message on his twitter feed, offering upbeat tips and new moves to try.

  • Billy Blanks

    The creator of Tae Bo offers inspiration and fitness tips for his dedicated following.

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