Losing your credit card is a huge hassle. But losing a card that costs $100,000 is a whole different story.

Sberbank-Kazakhstan, a Kazakhstani bank, plans to offer a new bank card made of pure gold, 26 diamonds and a mother of pearl, ABC News reports. The limited edition Visa Infinite Exclusive card is the world's first bank card made entirely of gold, according to the bank's press release.

Acquiring the card will set you back a cool $100,000 -- it reportedly costs $65,000 to make the card itself and cardholders must have a minimum of $35,000 in the bank account associated with the card. The card also has a $2,000 annual fee.


That said, once you have the card, you won't be charged late-payment fees (a pretty lucrative perk considering Americans spent $29.5 billion on overdraft fees in 2011). Other perks include health and life insurance worth over $250,000, concierge service and a "free" iPhone 5.

Sberbank-Kazakhstan is not the first bank to offer customers beaucoup rewards for a fancy card. J.P. Morgan’s Palladium Card is made of 23-karat gold and palladium -- a precious medal that's more expensive than nickel gold. The card, which requires cardholders to spend $250,000 a year, comes with perks like roadside assistance, hotel burglary insurance and no foreign transaction fees. Also, according to Bloomberg News, the card will never get declined. The Palladium Card has a $595 annual fee, which is not too bad when compared with the $2,500 yearly fee American Express charges for its exclusive Black Card.

For residents in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai First Bank offers a card also made of gold and diamonds. The card has no spending limit and no annual fee, according to Credit Card Forum.

According to ABC, Sberbank-Kazakhstan is also offering a plastic version of its exclusive card for one-percenters who have a tendency to misplace things.


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