Warner Bros.' decision to put "Jersey Boys" in a turnaround gives director Jon Favreau and producer Graham King the opportunity to shop the film to other studios, and it's just the latest example of Hollywood studios putting the bottom line on top of all other priorities. Time and time again over the last few years, major films have been put on ice because of growing budgets and financial risk.

"The bigger the budget, the cleaner the concept needs to be," Adam Fogelson, chairman of Universal Pictures, said to The New Yorker earlier this year. "Because you need to appeal not just to all four quadrants, but to people who speak every language under the sun. So ambiguity and darkness are tough."

Echoed Ron Meyer, Universal's president: "We looked at the economics of ['At the Mountains of Madness' and 'Dark Tower,' two projects killed by the studio] and it just didn't make sense for us, for what we would have to put out for what we could make back. It didn't feel secure enough for us, and that's the reason we didn't do it."

Ahead, 12 films that Hollywood has canceled (or is close to canceling) because of economics.

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  • 'Jersey Boys'

    Warner Bros. put the film adaption of "Jersey Boys" into turnaround, meaning director Jon Favreau is free to shop the project to other studios. The problem? <a href="http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118061577?refCatId=13">As cited by Variety</a>, there isn't a big international audience for a musical adaptation about a 1960s rock band from New Jersey. Will another studio step in to make this one ... sing? (Groan.)

  • 'The Dark Tower'

    Originally set up at Universal, "The Dark Tower" -- Ron Howard's sprawling and ambitious adaptation of Stephen King's famed epic -- couldn't find a home at Warner Bros. either. The studio passed on the project earlier this year. Now, <a href="http://www.deadline.com/2012/08/did-warner-bros-just-bypass-gold-on-the-ground-by-dropping-the-dark-tower/">independent film production company Media Rights Capital may fund "Dark Tower,"</a> but no deal is currently in place.

  • 'Ghostbusters 3'

    Will "Ghostbusters 3" ever happen? There were rumors that Sony would starting filming the long, long, long gestating sequel in the summer of 2013, but that start date was released shifted to fall 2013 at the earliest. In fact, <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/31/ghostbusters-3-filming-delayed_n_2051336.html">the studio may decide not to go ahead with the project at all</a>.

  • 'Wicked Lovely'

    Vince Vaughn was going to produce this YA adaption, which does for faerys what "Twilight" did for vampires. It wasn't to be, unfortunately: <a href="http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/universal-dumps-big-project-wicked-227951">Universal clipped the wings of "Wicked Lovely" before it took off</a>.

  • 'Terminator 5'

    Announced with bravado in April of 2011, it looks like "Terminator 5" has been set to the glue factory. "They have been trying to put a script together but I've not seen it," <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/12/terminator-5-not-happening-arnold-schwarzenegger_n_1961950.html">Schwarzenegger said recently</a>. "There's nothing on the board at this point. Nothing on the plan."

  • 'Paradise Lost'

    Excited about a 3D adaption of Milton's 'Paradise Lost' with Bradley Cooper as Lucifer? Too bad, because that potential trainwreck was called off by <a href="http://www.deadline.com/2011/12/legendary-postpones-january-start-of-paradise-lost/">Legendary Pictures</a>.

  • 'Yellow Submarine'

    Robert Zemeckis was planning a motion-capture remake of "Yellow Submarine" <a href="http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/disney-kills-robert-zemeckis-yellow-167415">but Disney called it off because it was too expensive</a>.

  • 'The Girl Who Played With Fire'

    The sequel to "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" hasn't been called off yet, but when will it actually get made? David Fincher is looking at other projects, Daniel Craig is tied up with James Bond and a new George Clooney movie and Sony hasn't really done anything to move this ball toward the goal line. <a href="http://www.eonline.com/news/320062/dragon-tattoo-sequel-stuck-the-latest-on-the-girl-who-played-with-fire">Don't hold your breath</a>.

  • 'Ouija'

    Michael Bay's adaptation of "Ouija" -- yep, the board game -- was killed at Universal, <a href="http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118051075">but resurrected by the studio after the budget was significantly cut</a>. Proof you can't keep a bad idea down!

  • 'At the Mountain of Madness'

    Tom Cruise and Guillermo Del Toro were all set to make an R-rated "At the Mountain of Madness," <a href="http://www.deadline.com/2011/03/delays-on-at-the-mountains-of-madness-creates-competition-for-guillermo-del-toros-next-picture-as-legendary-preps-pacific-rim/">but Universal yanked the film at the 11th hour</a>.

  • 'Arthur & Lancelot'

    Warner Bros. froze "Arthur & Lancelot," about the Knights of the Round Table, because of the cost. Colin Farrell was going to star in a reconfigured version of the film, <a href="http://www.deadline.com/2012/03/warner-bros-reconsidering-arthur-lancelot-with-colin-farrell-in-lead-role/">but he passed</a>, leaving its fate up in the air at the moment.

  • 'Akira'

    Warner Bros. was set to adapt the Japanese magna with a cast that potentially included Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund and Helena Bonham Carter. In January of this year, Warner Bros. stopped production on the film, citing its growing budget. <a href="http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/akira-production-shut-down-budget-warner-bros-278729?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=heatvisionblog">It's still in delay and may never come back in its current form</a>.

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