11/05/2012 10:10 am ET Updated Nov 05, 2012

'Ice Loves Coco': Coco Claims To Be A Pet Psychic (VIDEO)

On “Ice Loves Coco,” Coco was working on plans to open an indoor dog park with her mom. How’d she get the idea? Well, apparently, Coco is a pet psychic.

“Maximus actually asked about it,” she told Ice. Maximus is one of their dogs. “We have that thing going on, where ...”

Ice was somewhat incredulous at his wife's supposed ability to communicate with animals. “OK, these conversations you have with me like this, don’t have them with other people.” Who knew? Ice-T, voice of reason.

Coco’s antics had Tweeters cracking up. And there will be more Coco-dog weirdness to come -- Coco’s other dog, Spartacus, is getting dog testicle implants this season.

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