2012 Elections: Long Lines, Suppression, Voting And Ballot Issues Reported At Polling Places

11/06/2012 11:58 am ET | Updated Nov 06, 2012

Election Day is upon us, and many voters across the country are experiencing problems casting their ballots. Problems have arisen throughout the early voting period and are showing no signs of letting up on Tuesday. In Florida, long lines remained commonplace after Republican Gov. Rick Scott refused to extend voting hours, a decision that caused chaos and drew criticism from many, including Scott's Republican-turned-Independent predecessor, Charlie Crist.

And Florida is far from the only state to report widespread voting problems on Election Day.

Below is The Huffington Post's live-blog of problems that are arising on Election Day. If you voted, The Huffington Post wants to hear how it went. Email us at openreporting@huffingtonpost.com with your stories, issues, photos or videos.

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