Hart's Location Election Results 2012: Obama 23, Romney 9, Johnson 1

11/06/2012 12:43 am ET | Updated Nov 06, 2012

By tradition, the town of Hart's Location, located in Carroll County, New Hampshire, is one of two locations that get to cast the first votes of the presidential election just after midnight on Election Day. The other location, also in New Hampshire, is Dixville Notch.

This year, the tiny town cast 23 votes for President Barack Obama, giving him the win over Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who earned nine votes. Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson received one votes.

In 2008, President Obama carried Hart's Location, winning 17 votes to Senator John McCain's 10. Ron Paul earned two write-in votes.

[CORRECTION: Hart's Location originally reported two votes for Gary Johnson. That total has since been updated.]

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