11/06/2012 08:36 am ET Updated Nov 18, 2016

These 29 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes Are An Herbivore's Holiday Dream Come True

No one's craving Tofurkey come Thanksgiving dinner, not even vegans. Year after year, those who follow the plant-based diet get the short end of the Thanksgiving stick. They receive incessant, if well-intentioned, interrogations about what they'll be able to eat from the table. Their non-vegan counterparts almost always seem to forget that neither chicken stock nor eggs are considered vegan. And they're often left dessert-less (butter is usually the culprit).

But this year, no vegan should be left behind, forced to eat a wilted salad and an apple while the rest of the diners stuff themselves silly with holiday grub. Below, find a fantastically delicious line-up of recipes that'll satisfy both vegans and carnivores alike.

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Vegan Recipes
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