11/07/2012 04:21 am ET

Mindy Kaling Admits She Casts Hot Actors Just To Make Out With Them On 'Conan' (VIDEO)

Mindy Kaling stopped by "Conan" on Tuesday night, and the pair wasted no time in getting to the juicy stuff during their interview -- namely, all the hot guys Kaling gets to make out with on "The Mindy Project."

“There’s full-on, roll-around make outs and stuff. I get to cast those people," she bragged. "On TV, you’re not supposed to use your tongue ..."

"You’ve slipped the tongue in there," the host observed.

"Yeah, and when I do it on the show now it’s the worst kind of sexual harassment, because I’m the boss," Kaling quipped. Well, at least she's honest ...

"Conan" airs weeknights at 11 p.m. ET on TBS.

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