Rosie O'Donnell's Election Night: Star Skipped Watching Results Due To Stress

11/07/2012 03:57 pm ET

Having just suffered a heart attack, Rosie O’Donnell wasn't taking any chances on election night, opting not to watch the results come in.

“I am watching world poker –- can't stand the stress of the election,” Rosie told The Huffington Post last night just before the result started to come in. ”Lemme know when it's over and O has won.”

It's perhaps no surprise O'Donnell stayed away from politics all night, having recently told HuffPost, “Mitt Romney -– don't vote for him. I had a heart attack.”

“I have moved on to 'Storage Wars,'” O'Donnel later said.

Finally after it was clear that President Barack Obama would be reelected, Rosie tweeted, “YES WE CAN - YES WE DID - ON WE GROW !!!!! ‪#OBAMAUSA”

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