11/09/2012 10:34 am ET

Celebrities & Commercials: 29 Favorite Voice-Overs

You know the moment -- you're watching a commercial for yogurt or a chain restaurant or a car, and all of a sudden you realize you know the voice that is telling you just how flavor-blasted the key lime pie flavor is, or how much horsepower the new model boasts.

Whether it was at the beginning of their career to get their foot in the door, at the end to hold onto the slightest semblance of relevance, or somewhere in the middle, celebrities have slyly voiced commercials for years. One major example? Actor John Corbett who went from playing Aiden in "Sex and the City" to appearing on TV almost hourly as the voice of Walgreen's and Applebee's.

Click through below for 29 of our favorite celebrity-voiced commercials.

Celebrities Gone Commercial


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