Daniel Day-Lewis In 'Lincoln': Amazing On-Screen Transformations (PHOTOS)

11/08/2012 02:21 pm 14:21:57 | Updated Nov 08, 2012

By now, we all know that Daniel Day-Lewis' turn as Abraham Lincoln in the new Steven Spielberg film is scarily uncanny, starting from the first image that leaked back in August to Day-Lewis' critically hailed performance in the film. The actor's wrinkled visage and world-weary attitude leave no doubt in our minds that, somehow, he is Lincoln.

But the Academy Award winner isn't the only Hollywood actor to have brought a previous icon to life on the big screen, of course. From Naomi Watts as Princess Diana to Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe, check out the long list of Hollywood stars who have embodied famous figures in our gallery below.

Hollywood Onscreen Transformations

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