In just the fifth game of his career, Sacramento Kings rookie Thomas Robinson was handed his first ejection early in the fourth quarter after elbowing Detroit's Jonas Jerebko.

With the Kings leading 79-74, Sacramento's Chuck Hayes got the ball down low and Robinson tried boxing Jerebko out of the paint so his teammate would get a better shot-attempt. But as Hayes lost the ball out bounds, Robinson delivered a vicious elbow to Jerebko's neck sending him to the ground.

A referee ran over and immediately threw Robinson out of the game. Jerebko was able to stay in the game. Robinson was charged with a Flagrant-2 which results in a one-game suspension, per Ben Golliver of Sports Illustrated.

Kings guard Tyreke Evans told Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee that Robinson apologized to the team, but also said that Robinson thought that Jerebko "flopped a little bit."

Robinson also apologized via Twitter.

thomas robinson
Apologize for my actions mistakes happen I take full responsibility lost my cool will never happen again !

While a Flagrant-2 results in a one-game suspension, some have speculated that Robinson could face a multi-game suspension.

Metta World Peace was suspended seven games for a brutal elbow to the head of James Harden last season.

UPDATE: The NBA suspended Thomas Robinson for two games.

Sam Amick
RT : Sacramento's Thomas Robinson Suspended Two Games Without Pay for his FFP2 against Detroit's Jonas Jerebko on Nov. 7.

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