Conrad Engelhardt's Wine Cork Collages Portray Nudes Reclining And Wining (PHOTOS)

11/09/2012 01:36 pm ET

As any good wino will tell you, everything is improved with a dash of Cabernet, Pinot or Merlot. Just ask artist Conrad Engelhardt, who decided even nude portraits would be improved with wine. In his latest project, the artist used thousands of corks to reinvent the traditional reclining nude.

Engelhardt and his wife are long-time wine drinkers and cork collectors, so much so that Engelhardt eventually looked to put his amassed corks to good use. He decided to embark upon an Impressionist-inspired artwork, and it wasn't long before he realized his limited cork collection wasn't going to cut it. Soon Engelhardt had London's classiest restaurants donating their used corks to the cause, helping to create full-bodied bodies of intoxicating beauty.

Check out Engelhardt's nudes, each using 2,000-5,000 wine stained corks each, and let us know if you think the creative drinker put his popped bottles to good use.

Conrad Engelhardt

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