David Petraeus Venn Diagram: Who Makes Up The Disgraced CIA Director?

11/14/2012 05:48 pm ET | Updated Nov 16, 2012

The David Petraeus affair scandal, which brought down the former four-star general and CIA director, continues to unfold and is only getting weirder by the day. The episode has several more layers than your typical scandal -- so many, in fact, that the key player started to remind us of other figures in pop culture and politics.

Horndog? Check. Bad at technology? Failing to delete emails while carrying on an affair would indicate that. Full of hubris? Just ask Holly Petraeus. A terrible boss? He may be a brilliant military man, but potentially giving his biographer access to state secrets (while sleeping with her) does not a good manager make.

Using highly scientific methods, we determined the exact makeup of David Petraeus, as found in pop culture.


(Pictured above: Mr. Burns, David Letterman, Anthony Weiner, Donald Trump, David Petraeus, Courtney Stodden, Anna Wintour, Herman Cain, The Situation.)

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