WASHINGTON -- Paula Broadwell, former CIA Director David Petraeus' biographer and alleged mistress, is thought to be camped out at her brother's house in D.C.'s Mount Pleasant neighborhood (not in the "suburb" of Petworth, as was reported by one British newspaper). Which helps explain why her driver's license -- yet unclaimed -- was found not far from the house, in Rock Creek Park.

Check out the historically significant house -- as DCist noted, it was previously owned by the neighborhood's first black family, the Deanes, whose purchase of the house violated a restrictive covenant -- and some other notable, delicious and discreet locations in Mount Pleasant:

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  • Front Cameras

    Two local television crews are waiting for you.

  • Front Of The House

    At least you have the staircase.

  • Front Of The House

    If you have to camp out somewhere, you might as well camp out in a house that looks like a Norman Rockwell painting.

  • 1800 Block Of Park Rd NW

    The neighbors must love this.

  • 1800 Block Of Park Rd NW Alley

    In case you didn't already know, there are more reporters in the back.

  • View Of The Back Of The House

    What a gorgeous house! The leaves look magnificent this time of year!

  • Alley Cameras

    Five television cameramen and a handful of photographers in the alley behind the house. Most of them seem to enjoy their phones.

  • Side View Of The House

    Once again, what a beautiful house!

  • Construction Down The Block

    These guys must be thrilled with the extra vans and trucks in the alley.

  • Park At Park And Mt. Pleasant St NW

    There are a lot of these small parks in Mount Pleasant. They're great for walking the dog. If the dog is cute enough no one will care who's walking it.

  • Mount Pleasant Heritage Trail Sign

    Learn about the neighborhood you're sort-of trapped in! These Heritage Trail signs are located throughout the neighborhood. Maybe this sad incident will warrant a Heritage Trail sign of its own!

  • Georgetown Valet

    Multiple cleaners and laundromats are in Mount Pleasant. No need for a car when Georgetown Valet is around the corner! Same day service too!

  • Samber Market

    You'll need a drink and maybe even some food after this ordeal. Samber has both! Nice owners.

  • Heller's Bakery

    This neighborhood tradition makes the sourest day a little bit sweeter!

  • Adam Express

    Maybe the best cheap Korean food in the District. Owned and operated by a loving, elderly couple, you may wait a while for your order but it's definitely worth it. We haven't had a bad dish but do recommend the bulgogi.

  • Marx Cafe

    We're not recommending this for the theme, cuisine or booze, but for their unusual dance parties. Outlaws, a celebration of guys like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Hank Williams, and We Fought The Big One, a night of outsider sounds.

  • El West

    Everybody looks good in Western wear! They're in the midst of a 10% off sale! Things are looking up!

  • Last Exit

    Last Exit is a newer establishment, located in the basement of Radius. We like it because they screen "RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars" on Monday nights. You may want a little RuPaul in your life. A master of re-imagining oneself with an army of loyal followers. If we have one piece of advice, remember RuPaul's catchphrase in all of this. "If you can't love yourself, how the hell are you going to love anybody else?"

  • Raven Grill

    Only go to the Raven if you're in a very good disguise. A lot of the reporters that are camped out in front of and behind your hideaway drink at the Raven.

  • Haydee's Restaurant

    It's a late night Latin American restaurant. Unwind with a very strong margarita. Watch drunk people embarrass themselves at karaoke.

  • Flying Fish

    Maybe not the best place to hang out considering it's mostly windows, but try the iced coffee! Sure it's cold outside, but their iced coffee is great! Get it to go!

  • Frugalista

    Looking for a new wardrobe/disguise?

  • Kucinich For President

    This bumper sticker is located on a light pole a few blocks from your hideaway. It's been here for, I don't know, four years. No one seems to care.