Thanksgiving is, without a doubt, primarily a feast holiday. But that doesn't mean you can't add a little family fitness bonding into the mix. In fact, parents can have an important effect on their children's overall health by modeling active behaviors.

Not only is a family hike or jog around the park a good way to stay fit, it's also a lot of fun, as the following stories attest.

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  • For a number of years, my extended family would play a casual game of football at a nearby schoolyard or on a quiet street. But in 1998, when things got serious, the Klein Bowl was born. --Sarah Klein, Associate Editor, Healthy Living

  • My family tends to go running on Thanksgiving Day before dinner -- always a bit tricky to coordinate, but usually we go in waves, with my mom and me running while one of the pies is in the oven. We used to play football, but yours truly has the hand-eye coordination of a penguin, so running is more inclusive :) We live a mile or two from a beach, so usually we'll run up to the lighthouse and around through town. It's lovely. --Amanda Sterling, Associate Blog Editor

  • I teach a "Pumpkin Pie Yoga Class" every year. Power Yoga with all-Beatles for music, and pumpkin pie afterward! -- <a href="">Zan Ferris</a>

  • I run at 7:00 with my two best friends. Rain or shine and its usually raining. So. Much. Fun! Seriously! --<a href="">Cindy Lovell</a>

  • 5k Turkey Trot --<a href="">Amber Renee Knight</a>

  • Over-30 rec soccer team has a family soccer game Thursday morning. Kids (and the occasional wife) play with their dads. Some of us even have grandchildren playing. --<a href="">Jonathan Kantrowitz </a>